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Eyebrows  That  Are  Smearproof   Waterproof  &  Can Last For Days

Complete your look with beautiful eyebrows every time with our semi permanent  tattoos.

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Perfect eyebrows are a hard skill to master. At Beauti-Full-Brows Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows, we take the guessing and work out of the equation and ensure perfect brows every time! These eyebrow tattoos can be applied to the skin with nothing more than water in about 30 seconds,  are both smudge- and water-resistant and can last for days before needing to be reapplied. Beauti-Full-Brows are the original false eyebrow temporary tattoos, and no impostor compares to our quality. Our unisex styles are good for both women and men, however we do have specific styles for both genders as well as styles for  children.

Each set is made using FDA-approved, non-toxic vegetable dyes that don't damage skin or new hair growth, so they're perfect for replacing or filling in thin, balding, or fine brow hairs. They're also perfect for enhancing fading or faded permanent eyebrow tattoos. Our product may even be covered by your insurance if you have a medical condition leading to eyebrow hair loss. Check us out today for great deals and great looks!

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