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Angela Harris - "I love how the eyebrows are defined and sharp on my face. I love how perfect and identical they look. Once I complete my makeup routine I feel confident that my makeup looks good and that my eyebrows are on until I choose to remove them."

Cynthia Pratt - "Unlike permanent makeup, I can change these eyebrows to match the color of the different wigs I have. I love their flexibility and how they move with my skin when my expressions change."

Athena Saunders - "I feel secure about my appearance and I like that feeling! I would recommend Beauti-Full-Brows® even if my sister wasn't the inventor. Now I no longer have BAD EYEBROW DAYS."

Shirley Hopkins - "All of my eyebrow woes ended the day I received these eyebrows. The color is beautiful."

Leora La Graffe - "Thank you for making this product affordable! I know there are a lot of people and companies that would have charged 10 times what you charge for this product and as good as this product is, I probably would still buy it at 10 times the cost!"

Denise Allen - "I just about cried when I first put them on they looked so great."

Kath Cooper - "They have definatley improved my appearence, I have also been able to change my hair style as I don't have to worry about my hair rubbing my brows off."

Sara Dublin - "The price is so reasonable and after a few tries, I had the application process down pat. Now I can throw out all those eyebrow pencils, and I don't have to worry about accidently rubbing them off."

Carol Ann Dias - "Thanks to you I am able to get that shape I had before. Thanks so much I feel more confident."

Michelle - "I have chronic hair pulling (Trichotillomania) mainly on my eyebrow area. These eyebrows are so much easier to use than eyebrow powder and look much nicer, too."

Matti Willoughby - "Now, I put your eyebrows on - the gray is just the right color. I have had them stay on for as long as ten days! They are reasonable in price - and as a retired person, I can afford them."

Elizabeth - "The brows really look very natural as they do not stick on as a solid dark line, but are feathered as real brows, so many styles and shades to choose from."

LeslieAnn Butler - "They are so natural and once you get the knack, easy to apply."

Lourdes - "THANK YOU!! Your eyebrows have been a blessing sent from God above for my daughter. She now will not leave the house without her 'brows' and her confidence has increased tremendously."

Rachelle - "Miracles really happen, I was so happy I found it, it add so much confidence in myself and people don't tease me anymore for my eyebrow are now even and perfect. I now get compliments for having a perfect eyebrow."

Felici A Ledoux - "These really work they stay on for a while."

Suzanne Korosec - "When I found your website a few months ago, I was a little dubious, but decided to try your product. What a discovery!!! With your product, I never have to worry about my eyebrows again."

Shelley Ann Lipowich - "I was allergic before chemo, and I came out even more allergic afterwards. Your product has never triggered the slightest allergy, and every time I put them on, they're perfect."

Carol Lungram - "I really love Beauti-Full-Brows! They Really Work."

Amber - "kudos for such an amazing product."

Valerie - "I have had my new eyebrows on for 3 days now and when I washed my face in the shower with soap I could not believe my eyes when I looked in the bathroom mirror and they where still there! yipee!!!"

Gae - "Thank you for a fabulous product that makes my mothers life so much easier She's the envy of the crowd at 'Crown Pointe Assisted Living'".

LORRAINE - "Your product is the best."

Lori - "Thank you again for a great product. It's easy and simple and make you feel real"

Karen - "Hi, there, Angela!--Karen here!--Well!--what can I say???---OMG--!!--what a marvellous "find" in discovering these eyebrows!!!!!!"

R. Small - "I just wanted to say, I love your product so much. I suffer from Alopecia and after researching the web two years ago, I found your product and decided to give it a try. I am so happy I did!"

Kim - "Just want to say thank you for this magnificent product. I have been using your eyebrows for years now and love them."

Tonia - "I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about this very simple technique! Pleasantly surprised and happy"

Vicki - I don't leave the house without them on!

Meghan - The Beauti-Full-Brows aren't fazed by the rain at all! They also last for 3-4 days per pair, which means I really get my money's worth and look great.

Vicki W. - Went on vacation to Key West, swimming, sky diving and lots of partying. Wore one pair the entire 6 day stay. I will never wear anything else.

Mikia - These eyebrows are quick and easy to use. I don't have to waste 20 minutes in front of the mirror drawing them on anymore. And they make my make up look flawless.

Janice - love my new look

Bailey’s Testimonial - I love trying new things. I know I am beautiful with or without hair. I tried the tattoo eyebrows from Beauti-Full brows and I love them, they look so real and made me feel good.

Steve - The Christopher is the perfect color for me, being thicker is great as well, however what I notice most is it looks so real, the 'brush strokes' they look totally real.

Alisha - My makeup artist when I went to a photo shoot was amazed by how real these looked-even one of the agents was amazed too at how real they looked.