Smearproof / Water Resistant/ Long Lasting / Hypoallergenic

Beauti-Full-Brows are the original realistic temporary eyebrow tattoos. Get the confidence you deserve with easy to apply application that last for days! Plus they are made with vegetable dyes instead of harsh chemicals and come in a variety of styles and colors for a natural look just right for you. Find your perfect pair!

4 Style + 4 Color Combination

  • Feathered
  • High Arch
  • Up Sweep
  • Fine Hair
  • Black
  • Dk. Brown
  • Md. Brown
  • Lt. Brown

Models and Colors

Fine Hair Brow


A very realistic looking brow with many tiny hairs to prove it. She is 2-1/8 inch in length and just under 1/4 inch in width. She comes in four shades and made for many different shaped faces. The Fine Hair Brow is semi-permanent, smear proof, waterproof and can last for days.

Feathered Brow


A small feathered eyebrow. She is 1-1/3 inches in length and 1/8 inch in width. She comes in four shades of color and are perfect for people with small faces. She is one of the best semi-permanent eyebrow on the market today!

High Arc Brow


2-1/4 inches in length and approx 3/8 inch in width ( at the widest point). her moderate arch looks good on most faces. Is she your brow? This High Arch Brow like her sisters is smear-proof, can last for days and will provide the perfect pair of eyebrows every time you put them on.

Up Sweep Brow


2 inches in length and approx. 1/4 inch in width. She is a small yet thick eyebrow. She is great for smaller faces and may be preferred by women who may like a thick short brow over their eyes .. Up Sweep Brow is currently available in four shades.


I tried Beauti-Full-Brows several years when the company first started. I would call them directly to place my orders. I have tried different styles and have never been disappointed. Although it's been a while since I ordered I am coming back because once again my treatments have taken away my eyebrows. They are so natural, easy to apply, extremely affordable, and the highest quality merchandise of this type of cosmetic. I can't sing their praises enough. I will tell anyone contemplating the use of this product, just do it you will be so pleased with yourself for making such a smart decision. JUST DO IT!

Deborah Streeter

I will definitely agree with everybody here! Can't say enough great things about this company, the people there and their products! If only I had found you guys years ago. Love you! I can finally relax and not stress out about my brows! Might seem silly to some to think how something as simple as a pair of eyebrows can make you feel secure and boost confidence but it really does! Thanx Paul! xOXo

Kassandra Elia

Fantastic! My daughter has had alopecia universalis since she was 3 now in her teens this has been a great item. Highly recommend. Thanks for making a product that is simple to use and increases one's confidence.

Stacey Macdonald

Steps To Use

Step 1

Once you receive your Beauti-Full-Brows, you should wash your face to remove any excess oils from your brow area. Then cut a pair of the tattoo brows from the white transfer sheet, separating the left brow from the right and remove the transparent protective cover paper.

Step 2

Position both tattoos on the brow area with the tattoos against the skin. Use the tattoo imprint on the reverse side as a guide to place the eyebrows in the desired position.

Step 3

Once your eyebrows are in the desired position, thoroughly wet the front area of one of our Brow Bands or a wash cloth with warm water, gently ring out the excess and place it over the Beauti-Full-Brows. Leave the Brow Band on for approximately 60 seconds.

Step 4

Peel the transfer paper away from the skin and pat the tattoos making sure the entire eyebrow has adhered to the skin. Then let the eyebrows dry and, if necessary, gently wash the eyebrows with soapy water to remove any excess adhesive from around the edges of the eyebrows.

Final Step

Your Beauti-Full-Brows!

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