Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long do the eyebrows last?
A. They last anywhere from one to three days. It depends on how oily your skin is and what your activities are for the day you applied them and the days subsequent to that.

Q. How do I make sure I put them on even?
A. Get up close to the mirror. This helps because then you can really use the imprint on the reverse side as a guide to line them up evenly. You could also cut the edge off the sheet (about 1/8 inch) and use it as a ruler. Line the edge under both eyebrows and check to see if there is the same distance between tip of the eyebrow, using the imprint on the reverse side, and the ruler for both eyebrows.

Q. Do the eyebrows look natural?
A. Yes, they look very natural. However, an important factor is getting the right shade for your complexion.

Q. How do I remove the eyebrows?
A. You remove them easily with baby oil, and any brand will do. You could also use cosmetic removal pads. You could use alcohol, but alcohol is not recommended for the face because it is too harsh, and can dry out your skin unnecessarily.

Q. Could I put the tattoos on top of eyebrow hair?
A. Yes, but not too much hair. You can have fine or thin hairs. This product is designed for people who wear eyebrow pencil or have very little eyebrow hair. It is really perfect for women who are thinking about getting permanent tattoos applied because with Beauti-Full-Brows, you can change models if they change their hair color, get a tan or just want a different look.

Q. Do I need to shave my eyebrow hair off?
A. No, but as stated in the fifth question, the Beauti-Full-Brows are designed for people with little to no eyebrow hair.

Q. Sometimes the adhesive shows around the eyebrows. How do I remove it?
A. To remove the excess adhesive, you should wait until the eyebrows dry then wipe them with the wet brow band or wash cloth. You could also let them dry and wash them gently with soapy water. Pat them dry when you're done.

Q. Can I go swimming with the eyebrows?
A. The eyebrows are waterproof. We have gone swimming many times with them and they have lasted. When you are out sweating and swimming and generally having a good time you want to be careful not to scratch the eyebrows or rub them with a towel. You want to pat your forehead dry when you need to.

Q. Can wearing these eyebrows become expensive?
A. We think the eyebrows are very affordable. If you needed to replace them daily, it amounts to about $3.00 a week. We've found that for the confidence they give about our appearance, they are inexpensive or downright cheap!

Q. Once I have placed my order, how long is delivery?
A. Orders are filled as soon as they arrive. We would allow for 14 business days if you live in the continental USA. If you have placed an international order it could take longer. It would depend on how efficiently the customs department is in your country.

Q. How wet should I make the wash cloth or brow band?
A. You should wet it liberally and get it good and wet, but not drippy. When the brow band or wash cloth is good and wet the tattoo eyebrows really get a chance to soak down on the skin and this helps eliminate the light adhesive that can sometimes show around the eyebrows.

Q. Where can I contact you for additional information?

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